Achillies Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy is a common overuse injury to the Achillies tendon seen in runners, where the load on the tendon exceeds its ability to withstand the load.

The signs and symptoms vary greatly. The pain may have a sudden onset or be gradual, may be a mild pain to a disabling pain and may last a few days to a few years! Some of the many factors that can cause the teninopathy may be from years of running, a sudden increase in running, change of running surface, change of or poor footwear, weak calf muscles or reduced foot range of motion.

It is important to see you physiotherapist for an assessment to determine the type and cause of the tendinitis. Initially rest is important. The physio will help reduce the inflammation, design an appropriate strengthening programme and correct the factors that are causing the tendinitis.